The Act of Attraction and Child Abuse

The Act of Attraction and Child Abuse

Nobody ever wants to hear that they create their own reality when they experience a situation in their reality that is negative and undesirable. Because of this, it seems that when a person expands his knowledge and understanding of attractive law (the most powerful law in the universe), they eventually end up inevitably the challenge of understanding how the law of attraction relates to children.

This is primarily a problem when people try to understand how the law of attraction applies to children who end up in circumstances that, from a social point of view, are considered terrible and unfair. A good example of this (though there are many) is the example of a child living in an abusive environment. Most of us have grown up as a result of our education with the strong need for the world around us to act fairly. The entire punishment and reward system that the majority of people grow up with imitate our human ideas of justice and lend to this need for justice. But the punishment and reward system do not imitate the laws of the universe. Thoughts that blame wrong, injustice, deserve and sacrifice are thoughts limited to the human subjective mind and not the universal objective mind. Most of us who can read these words have lost our objective perception of the universe's complete image and how our lives fit into this great image. We see that a child is completely innocent and therefore we can not deal with anything in relation to this innocent child whom we identify as unfair and which they do not deserve. We conclude that certain things must happen only randomly and therefore we make these children a victim of circumstances that are extremely worrying. We can not see a child who seems so physically unable, as the capable creator of the child. It feels better for us in the disadvantaged, rescue state to identify with a child as a victim, to move to a place of violence and to place the blame on the addict than to stay in that sense of abuse. However, in our incredibly emotionally charged identification with the suffering we see in these children, truth is very hidden.

A child who seems so weak and innocent is in fact an eternal being like you. They are very powerful beings who are fully equipped with the free will to choose the thoughts they think and what they are paying attention to. They may seem to have so much less capacity than an adult because of their relatively weak physical structure, but they are simply in another phase of physical processes. They are new to this physical life experience. But they are not new to life themselves and they are not composed of new energy. Before they enter this physical body, they share the Source's perspective (what many call God). From Source's perspective, every life is lived to expand all that is. Life lives for universal development. It is through this process that consciousness becomes aware of itself.

The physical, three-dimensional reality acts as the perfect place for this development, as physical life enables the experience of contrast and comparison. In physical life, a person can not give rise to a desire if they are not confronted with what they do not wish. Because of the material nature of physical manifestation, physical life is a very definite, clear cut-off for the conscious universe as a whole to distinguish what will be. The negative already, as we see around us, is nothing but a huge resource for the potential manifestation of all future opportunities created by all previous vibrating, collective experiences of all that were. Even the most terrible things that we can imagine from our narrow, subjective, physical attitude are not seen as scary from the point of view of the universe, because these terrible things are the breeding ground and the cause of things like joy and change. When it comes to objective vision, it's a famous analogy that is that if a person strikes his toe, out of the toe eye, it's a tragedy. From the rest of the body it is a temporary painful congestion and from the perspective of the person it is a frustrating experience, which is not big enough to remember even the next day. The difference between the objective perception of the source and the subjective perception of our physical lives is much like this previous analogy. Before a child enters the physical dimension, they share this point of view and perspective, and they do not save or avoid choosing in negative situations. For those at that time and from that perspective, light is not necessarily valuable. In fact, many of them consciously choose in the negative situations to know that it will inspire them quickly and dramatically against exactly the opposite. Non-physical beings have the free will to determine the future conditions they will experience in the physical and so choose certain beings intentionally to experience things like immortality, imprisonment, poverty, depression, war, paralysis, suffering, rape and physical abuse so that you can use these things to define and intensify their knowledge of happiness, freedom, abundance, peace and kindness.

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